XP-005 Dolphin Windows x32 x64 Drivers

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XP-005 Dolphin Windows x32 x64 Drivers

Postby Xhorse » Wed Mar 13, 2019 10:27 am

Download windows driver if your system can not recognize device
Need only if upgrate kit can not do Frimware update / not recognize device


Also, can be download and install directly from Upgrate Kit
1, Turn on the Dolphin machine and connect it with the computer, it will show the BIOS on the screen of Dolphin as below,

2, Run the upgrade kit and choose ‘Find Device’, it will be show a small window , choose ‘Yes’ and will guide to install the driver

3, Choose the correct driver according to the machine as below, make sure you are shut down all protection before you install the driver, especially for windows 10 system

4, After the driver has been installed, run the ‘Upgrade kit’ and choose ‘Find Device’ again, to see if you can see the device serial number and firmware version, do not chose ‘Update’ until it you can see that , because if you can’t find device ,which means the driver is not been installed, and the machine will be blocked if you update it without driver

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