MFSW Coding & Problem solving

Steering wheel control module 1K0 and 3C0
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MFSW Coding & Problem solving

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Remeber - after coding, please switch ign OFF and discionnect main PLUG from MFSW module for 1-2sec, reconnect and check
1) Copy LBL file to C:\Ross-Tech\VCDS\Labels >>>DOWNLOAD<<<

2) With VCDS go to AutoScan and register new module 3D in Gateway Installation list (this can be disable from Autoscan)

00 - Voice Command button DISABLE
01 - Double operation of Voice Command button(short press MUTE / Long press Voice Command)
02 - Voice command as MUTE ONLY
03 - Voice Command as Voice Command (default)

Mark ONLY if your car have ACC
If you not have ACC, but you use MFSW with ACC , DO NOT MARK

If you have MODE button , old ECU not recognize it as CANCEL,

Button illuminate - recommend to keep value 00 for default brightnest
FORCE MENU - if you can not scroll menu Left / right , please mark it

0- MARK only if you use MFSW with CCS
1 – MARK if you use MFSW (always MARK)
2 – Some of BT module not recognize correct command from new MQB MFSW. Is recommend to translate it to OLD STYLE (MARK)
3 – MARK if you use MQB MFSW (5G0, 5TA etc.) . UNMARK if you use PQ xx MFSW (2K0, 6C0 )
4 – Latest CCS Status. This function help you remember latest CCS status after ignition OFF and ON
5 – Gateway Registration Module , If you UNMARK this , module 3D is no longer exist in Gateway Installation list, To get into 3D module you need to type manually „3D” address in window below

BIT 6-7
00- If NO DSG paddle
40- WITH DSG Paddle
80*- Custom output for DSG paddle

Diagnose and fix problem

No diagnostic with module , no response from module
Check soldering and /or if proper CAN wire solder to proper place
Check if proper power supply is connect , check LED power status
Connect manually via VCDS – type 3D and check if module respond
Then check coding in byte 4

Not working correct /buttons issue
Some MFSW from MQB must be code as PQ platform and reverse, simple check coding BYTE 2 , bit 1 & 3

Not detecting / not available as subsystem / not illuminate
1- Check if LIN LED is blinking , if not check LIN, Power , Ground connection if connect to MFSW buttons

2- Connect Airbag plug if you use Airbag line in SWCM (socket for Airbag plug in SWCM have short to ground PIN contact to discharge any ESD etc to not activate Airbag itself. When Airbag plug is not connect , socket simple connected all pins together and make a short to ground connection and discharge „electrostatics”

3- Check if Slip Ring is not damage, use multi-meter to check connection, also check if LIN wire and Power wire is not connect to any other wire (usually happen when slip ring damage inside). You can simple connect MFSW directly to module to test, use 3 wires GND, Power and LIN)

CCS not work/stop work ( DTC 4481 - Cruise Control Switch (E45)
Check coding in byte 0 and byte 3 and select proper coding for proper MFSW
Check if no issue with White / white/brown wire , check soldering of that wire

HORN issue
1- Check if you correct code SWCM (16th), some latest 5K0 module even if you code to NON MFSW they still looking MFSW, and not allow to operate HORN with direct connection. In this situation when you recede SWCM to Lowline and Horn start work itself you need replace SWCM to older HW / SW or add MFSW Emulator, and proper code
To check HORN with Low Line module configuration , simple connect together :
1K0/3C0 module - connect 7+8 when ignition is ON
5K0 953 569 module - connect 7+8 when ignition is ON(depend of coding)
5K0 953 549 module - connect 7+8 when ignition is ON(depend of coding)
or BRWN and Blue/White wires together to test

Can not scroll Cluster Menu left - right / scroll BT phone book jumping
6) Can not scroll Cluster Menu left - right / scroll BT phone book jumping
Check coding byte 1 – bit 7 , FORCE MFSW operation , re-connect battery , switch ignition ON and press many time RIGHT or LEFT button , cluster start response , you can keep this ENABLE for ever

BT phone book jumping - Check coding in BYTE 2 – MFSW old style frame


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