SWCM High/Mid/Low

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SWCM High/Mid/Low

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There are a 3 differente type os SWCM:
HighLine - supporting MFSW / CCS
MidLine - Supporting CCS
LowLine - not supporting MFSW and CCS (basic)

If your car use External BT module , you need to keep HighLine SWCM , and install Emulator , because only this configuration will allow you to operate BT from cluste.
For all others cars , with no BT, built-in BT into radio such as RNS 315, or MIB2 STD , you can use LowLine module, no need to keep HighLine , because you need to recode it to LOW anyway.

How to check if SWCM can be use as LowLine ?
5K0 953 5* SWCM
1) Disable MFSW from cofing and check if module accpet coding

and check if module accpet coding

2) Some modules even if accept LowLine coding
They still show in DTC errors - No communication with Steering Control Wheels
I they accepet coding to LowLine , and no error , please check if you can control Horn in this configuration
Simple connect PIN 7+8 and check if this activate horn
if HORN working = module can be use LowLine

if Horn not working, or working always even if you not connect 7+8 = module not support LowLine and must be use with emulator
you can find out proper Lowline module
http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.ph ... e_Versions

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