VW MK8 touch buttons illumination

How to install, troubleshooting etc
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VW MK8 touch buttons illumination

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Typical buttons not illuminate durringa day , because they use a graphic on it
With touch / haptic buttons is little different

Durring night / or day but when head light are ON (not with DLR), KL58d signal is prioryty and buttons illuminate toogether with dasboard / other buttons.
Set up Byte 1 -> Bit 0-3 to 0 value
Brightnest is control via potentiometer / default value
Because WHITE LED are different then RED LED, when you not happy with intensivity of WHITE illumination , you can manually add value to brighten.
for example: + 20%

Durringa day:
There is a few way to tell your dashboard how brightly is outside:
Light sensor
Fotosenr in dashboard
Radio sensor
all this information is going over KL58D

all 3 infotmation is going over CAN 9depend of cluster,BCM,CCM)
To britht up MK8 buttons durringa day to maximum value
keep in mind , this is not a maximul LED value , this is value for illuminate , and then is also command over Kl58d send from cluster/ light sensor and they can illuminate higher
to reduce it , use a lower value
if you code to BIT 4-6 to 00 value - it will be OFF,

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